Hi. Hello. Hallo.

I am so happy you found my little Photography corner. I hope you had a chance to look around and explore my work. Finding your perfect photographer in a sea of photographers can be difficult. There are many ways to portray a family, kids, a couple…lots of different styles. I have always been more drawn to the more candid and intimate moments during a shoot and honestly those fill my heart and fuel my creativity most.

My Family Sessions are very much set up as an experience vs. a posed sitting. Not too long but plenty of time to capture the essence of your sweet Family. As you have probably seen in my portfolio I strongly emphasize on emotion, connection and candid moments. These sessions are very play-based and a lot of fun for everyone to get natural smiles and laughter. I encourage lots of touch which translates in connection in pictures. I don’t pose very much but direct my families so we achieve beautiful, heartfelt and emotive images. I believe in letting (especially smaller) children be in their element and just follow them around as they explore or i.e. hugging mommy’s leg, playing with a rock. There is usually a lot of snuggling, kissing, laughing etc. going on. 

I want to make sure we are an amazing fit from the beginning. I want your vision and mine to match seamlessly so I can provide you with the art you deserve. Let me be more than just your Christmas card photographer. Let me create timeless pieces that can stay on your walls forever and happily remind you of beautiful past times.

So does the shoe fit?

If you have been nodding and smiling while reading this little blurb about the way I approach Photography then I would say ‘Yes’.

Onto the boring but important details. Sessions start at $425…